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About Us

Edwin Sanchez one of the most outstanding coaches in Miami Certified as a master trainer by ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), with a record of almost two decades of experience.

Edwin works with a wide variety of Celebrities clients, to high performance professional athletes such as the NBA, NFL.  etc.

Edwin is characterized by the creativity of his exercises. And unconventional programming which makes it unique in its field.

His Passion is Fitness as well as his foray into spirituality studies.  He has studied Judaism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Kabbalist Meditation methods for more than 10 years, which he incorporated into his training sections.  For Edwin it’s very important to be able to combine what’s for him the 4 pillars of being, such as the Mental State, the Emotional State, the Physical State and the Spiritual State.

 For about 3 years he became interested in helping people with drug addiction and alcoholism problems, combining fitness and spirituality and thus they have obtained surprising results.

 All these results made him launch and create his own brand of products for physical performance with a combination of fitness and spirituality, a unique line which connects both the physical and spiritual parts.  A percentage of the sales are destined to aid for the treatments of these people.